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Funtastic Five Season 3

On February 18th, 2023, at 4 pm KSA and 8 am EST, Afreej conducted another unique Funtastic Five event recorded via Zoom. This event was available to all children (enrolled or not enrolled) from ages 6-12 and there were approximately 9 participants throughout the event. The host, Alina Subhan, guided the series of events for the students/participants with the help of the scoreboard keeper, Talha, who contributed throughout the event keeping score of each participant. 

 Funtastic five is a unique event consisting of five main activities that contribute to essential skills that are vital for success in the modern world. The topics included: Flip a Pancake; Four Pics, One word; Continue the Story; Magic Tricks; and Mental Math. Each segment lasted approximately 20 minutes. Before the event, the participants were given a list of materials for the event to avoid disruptions. 

The Funtastic Five event consisted of many activities to test the creativity and mental strengths of each participant. Each segment encourages the Five C’s: Critical Thinking; Communication; Collaboration; Character Building; and Creativity, which in return, grew character development and encouraged participants to discover personal fulfilment while having fun.  

Each segment shared a specific purpose in its creation. The first segment, “Flip a Pancake”, tested measuring, counting, and direction-following skills. All of this ended on a sweet note with delicious pancakes that each participant was able to show off during a short 5-minute break. The second segment, “4 Pictures, 1 Word”, was a brain teaser that tested the puzzle and riddle solvers till the very end. It indeed boosted brain power and problem-solving skills. Segment Three, “Continue The Story”, was a great way to practice comprehension and teamwork while building a great story together. The fourth segment, “Magic Trick”, was simply intelligence and presence of mind with a sleigh of hand. While learning the tricks, the participants also got a chance to perform with each other, thus increasing their theatrical (and public speaking) presentation skills. The final segment included in the event was “Mental Math.”  While keeping a friendly, yet competitive, group game, each participant could think quickly on the spot and make decisive and mental decisions to get to their answer. The event concluded with each participant giving feedback on the different segments of the event. 

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