Affreej’s student scores in top 25 percentile in the Canadian Computing Competition.

We are proud to announce that Hassan Usmani, a regular coding student at Affreej has ranked in the top 25 percentile of participants in The Canadian Computing Competition(Junior Level) by Centre of Education in Mathematics and Computing(CEMC), an organization under the Faculty of Mathematics at Waterloo University.

Held online every year in February, this competition allows students of varying levels of proficiency in programming to experiment with and hone their skills as a programmer. The top twenty senior participants are further invited to participate in the Canadian Computing Olympiad, held at The University of Waterloo in May.

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  1. Rabia

    Affreej team well deserved ❤️ Hassaan is MashaAllah talented kid and once again affreej gave a platform
    Proud moment for parents and affreej and non other then FARHA UBAID👍♥️ Keep it up
    Affreej your team is giving gem kids to the world . 👍👏👏

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