Affreej’s Technoshow – Season 3

On Saturday, 19/2/22, the 3rd season of Techno Show was conducted, being part of a series of live-streamed events involving young, creative minds constructing programs to show to the world and to showcase what they’re truly capable of. This season was hosted by Subhan Farooq & Alina Subhan with the opening ceremony led by AFFREEJ CEO Ms. Farah Ubaid. The Sponsors of the Techno Show were: Talaash, SY Management Consultancy, & Watch. Eat. Drive. Repeat. The mentors for the event were imminent educators, Ms. Maha Ejaz Faizan & Mr. Ijaz Lashari.

Following those events, the Junior participants were called upon to present their creative projects. Those participants were: Manaal Dilshad (WORLDE), Zainab Ashraf (Space Invaders), Issa Al-Ammudi (Rock, Paper, Scissors Visuals), Abdullah Azhar (Hangman), Maaz Bhirya (Enemy Shooter), Sabiha Azhar (Kitty Battle), Zainab Qazi (Ball Game), Muhammad Maaz Quraishi (Hangman), Ather Khizer (Car Driving), Mohammad Bilal (Earth Clicker), Qasim Furqan (Fun Name Game), Rana Mohammad (Sublime Texting) Rana Abdurrahman (QR Code), Muhammad Khalid Usmani (Sound Player), Ali Amir (Secret Message), Aadil Abdulkader (Lightning Dodge), Hassaan Mahmoud (Calculator) & last but not least Yousuf Omar Khan (Alarm Clock).

After the juniors’ segment was over, it was now time for the Senior participants to shine. The Senior participants were Ammar Khan (2D Platformer), Syed Taha Tanveer (Color Detection), Mohammad Dawood (Pong Game), Rana Abdullah (Flappy Bird), Hassaan Muhammad Usmani (Face Recognition), Mustafa Khan (Chat Cat), Munaem Qasim (Making your own Calculator), & finally, Ahmed Umer Farooq (Naruto).

The trainers involved in participant preparation were teachers such as Mr.  Saqlain Asad, Mr. Jalees Asad Ms. Gulmina Abid & Ms. Memoona plus Techno Show trainers like Trainer Abubakr Ali & Trainer Areej Ubaid.

Throughout the event, the mentors gave their opinions & suggestions for every participant as well as for the entirety of the Techno show. Head of Comm. Skills Dept. Ms. Sara T. Ansari also gave her opinions & words of encouragement for all the participants, & for those who helped in making the 3rd season of Techno Show possible. Lastly, the participants shared their opinions of the event & a group photo was taken shortly after.

In general, the third season of AFFREEJ’s Techno Show was a great success, gaining hundreds of viewers on Facebook, with the event going smoothly & with each role-player giving it their best. Due to the positive feedback & success, the Techno Show will continue to take place more frequently & consistently.

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