Affreej’s Certification training programs equip students with fundamental Industry Skills.


Affreej’s Certification training programs equip students with fundamental Industry Skills. The PCEP – Entry-Level Python Programmer Certification is the first step for aspiring Software Engineers. With our newly introduced entry-level training programs for Javascript and Python, we offer the opportunity for students and professionals alike to add versatility to their areas of expertise. Our latest batch of the PCEP training…

Affreej’s student scores in top 25 percentile in the Canadian Computing Competition.


We are proud to announce that Hassan Usmani, a regular coding student at Affreej has ranked in the top 25 percentile of participants in The Canadian Computing Competition(Junior Level) by Centre of Education in Mathematics and Computing(CEMC), an organization under the Faculty of Mathematics at Waterloo University. Held online every year in February, this competition allows students of varying levels…

Affreej’s Technoshow – Season 3


On Saturday, 19/2/22, the 3rd season of Techno Show was conducted, being part of a series of live-streamed events involving young, creative minds constructing programs to show to the world and to showcase what they’re truly capable of. This season was hosted by Subhan Farooq & Alina Subhan with the opening ceremony led by AFFREEJ CEO Ms. Farah Ubaid. The Sponsors of the Techno Show were: Talaash, SY Management Consultancy, & Watch. Eat. Drive. Repeat. The mentors for the event were imminent educators, Ms. Maha Ejaz Faizan & Mr. Ijaz Lashari.

Technoshow: Season 2

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Technoshow – Season 2 hosted a set of brilliant, young coders from all over the Middle East, with participants aged between 7 and 14. Twenty-Four young entrants presented their work in the final event, held on the 4th of December, and demonstrated both their aptitude for coding and their flair for showmanship; these projects were phenomenal not only for their wide range of implementations, from luggage label generators to colour detecting robots, but also for the assortment of coding languages used and their depth of research.