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Cambridge Primary Checkpoint is a series of assessments for use in the final year of primary education. It enables schools to obtain an international benchmark of learner performance to identify and address learning needs.

Cambridge Primary Checkpoint can be used:

  • To help learners understand more about their strengths and weaknesses in these subjects at the end of Cambridge Primary and prior to secondary education.
  • To help teachers, parents and learners identify strengths and weaknesses, which can then act as a basis for cooperative action planning.
  • To enable teachers and schools to help learners make the most of their educational opportunities.

Affreej offers Camridge Primary Checkpoint Training, packed with tips, activities and strategies to help build the learners confidence to prepare for the exam.

Choose the most appropriate bundle from the three options:

Package 1: $160 (3 Subjects)

Package 2 : $115 (2 Subjects)

Package 3: $70 (1 Subject)

Days & Timings: Twice a week, one hour each day(for each subject)

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