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Cambridge Lower Secondary Checkpoint provides a transitional stage for IGCSE students by developing learner’s skills and understanding in Mathamatics, English and Science for the first three years of Secondary education. This will provide excellent preparation for higher Cambridge qualification including the IGCSE.

Cambridge Lower Secondary Checkpoint can help your child by:

  • allowing teachers to assess their learning as they progress
  • developing their global outlook and equipping them for success in the modern world
  • preparing them for IGCSEs/International GCSEs.

Affreej offers Camridge Primary Checkpoint Training, packed with tips, activities and strategies to help build the learners confidence to prepare for the exam.

Choose the most appropriate bundle from the three options:

Package 1: $160 (3 Subjects)

Package 2: $115 (2 Subjects)

Package 3: $70 (1 Subject)

Days & Timings: Twice a week, one hour each day(for each subject)

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