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Create, Collaborate and Communicate

A youth development program designed to incorporate the three most needed skills in the near future – Create, Collaborate and Communicate.


– Learn creativity
– Master the fundamentals of good communication
– Work in a collaborative setting

Learning Outcomes

– Comprehend, analyze and apply the basics of effective communication in any setting;
– Work collaboratively, building new relationships, even in online format;
– Develop creativity and use creative techniques to enhance the quality of their communication as well as collaboration.


Days & Timings: Twice a Week, One hour long
Duration: Ongoing
Suitable for ages 12 and above
Trainer: Sara Tabassum Ansari


  1. Abubakr Syed

    This section has very useful
    it thought me so many how well to communicate and listen to others pinions

  2. Abdurahman Ali

    The classes provided here are all and all good.
    They’re quite interesting and diverse.
    Also quite informative too.

    And the only thing I’d say that could improve are the timings, though that is most likely is a personal thing.

  3. Bareerah Khaleel

    It was very helpful to communicate each other and develop the speeching skill and broad our mind to think…I am thankful that I am apart of this course…

  4. Tahreem Awan

    I found this course very helpful as it taught me things which are important in our everyday life. It is extremely knowledgeable and it improved my communication skills.

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