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ICT for Starters

Information and Communications Technology (ICT) is regarded as a modern-day ‘literacy’ alongside reading, writing and numeracy. It is part of the educational experience worldwide.

Learners will develop key ICT skills in a range of applications including computer programming, word processing, digital graphics, databases, spreadsheets, email, presentations, video/animation, the internet and web authoring.

Total Number of Sessions: 32
Days & Timings: Twice a week, one hour each day
Duration: Four Months
Age Group: 8 onwards
Trainer: Farah Ubaid


  1. Rabia

    1 can confidently say that Miss Farah is an outstanding teacher who has made a remarkable impact on my child’s education and personal growth. Miss Farah possesses an exceptional set of skills and qualities that make her stand out. She goes above and beyond to create a stimulating and inclusive learning environment, where everyone feels valued and encouraged to participate. I highly recommend her for your children.

  2. Eshaal

    One of the most remarkable aspects of Miss Farah’s teaching style is her ability to present complex concepts in a way that is easily understandable. She has an incredible talent for breaking down challenging subjects into manageable parts, ensuring that all students grasp the material. She fostered a warm and inclusive environment where every student felt valued and supported. Her ability to create a positive atmosphere encouraged active participation and made learning enjoyable. Miss Farah’s outstanding ability to teach helps students to grasp concepts easily. I would highly recommend her for your children’s if you want them to get straight A’s.

  3. Kamran Asim

    Being a part of ICT PROGRAM was amazing program. My son loved it and willing to be a part of this program. INSHAHALLAH, It will help him in the upcoming grade. And FARAH UBAID is mashahallah ❤ amazing person.

  4. Rahma Kaiser

    I enjoyed this class because she lets us take our time and she waits for us. I have learned that with just a little bit of coding you can make a whole website and reregistration form etc.

  5. Eshaal

    In the beginning, i didn’t want to take the ICT class because i never had interest in it. But when i joined the class, i was so happy that i did. It has so many interesting things that you can learn. I have learned so much since i joined it. One of the main reasons i enjoyed it was also because my teacher miss Farha Ubaid is an excellent teacher and explains very well. If it wasn’t for her then i wouldn’t have understood anything.

  6. Maheen

    Great course, learned lots of things from it. I suggest children and students to take this course. As a student, this is going to help me a lot in my upcoming grade. Once again, amazing, great course.

  7. Rabia

    Amazing , knowledgeable course by farha ubaid I highly recommend all parents to take this course for their kids.
    Believe me you will not regret 🥰🥰❤️❤️

  8. Shabnam Kasir

    Great and interesting learning method by teacher, kids are enjoying and learning a lot through interesting methodology, highly recommended course.

    1. Mohammad Omar Kamran

      In my opinion miss Farah Ubaid is a very great teacher, Her methods of teaching are very intrusting she always gives other students chances to ask questions or even helps them if there have a difficulty, she also introduces us to intrusting websites. So I have no doubt that she is a very great teacher

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