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IGCSE Computer Science 0478

Cambridge IGCSE Computer Science helps learners develop an interest in computational thinking and an understanding of the principles of problem-solving using computers. They apply this understanding to create computer-based solutions to problems using algorithms and a high-level programming language.

Days & Timings: Thrice a Week, One Hour Long
Duration: 8-10 Months
Suitable for students of grade 9 & 10
Trainer: Farah Ubaid, Sidrah Yaqoob, Namrah Erum


  1. Eshaal waseem

    Well trained trainers,
    Miss Fatima is very dedicated teacher.

  2. Waleed Kiyani

    Teacher is very nice and even though I found the subject challenging at first, I somehow managed to get a grade me and my parents were happy with. Would definitely recommend.

  3. Zehra Azeem

    My daughter was never interested in the subject but after taking classes from Farah she discovered that she loves it and would want to pursue a career in CS. Farah is such a teacher who can make her students fall in love with the subject

  4. Maryam Ibrahim

    Alhamdulillah l benifitted immensely from the course, especially in improving my programming skills . Ms. Farah has a good grasp of the subject, is a hardworking and dedicated teacher mashallah and gives each student adequate time and attention. She also provides many resources to students for extra practice.

  5. Sana

    Ms Farah is an amazing teacher. My daughter loved her. She made her work hard in computer science, cleared all her confusions and went all way to prepare her for IGCSE. Will highly recommend Ms Farah Ubaid for CS.

  6. Syed Tanveer Akhtar

    Thorough professional, devoted teacher.
    Focus on individual to bring the best output.

  7. Zainab Qamar

    Alhamdulillah my daughter benifitted immensely from the course, especially in improving her programming skills . Ms. Farah is a very hardworking and dedicated teacher mashAllah and gives each students adequate time and attention. She provides many resources to students for extra practice.

  8. Syed Abdullah Ahmed

    A very dedicated and hard working teacher, she tries her utmost to help her students understand the topics and her classes are very interactive.

  9. Sami

    A very Hard working dedicated teacher she is, no doubt.
    The difference I see is that the Focus is on educating instead of teaching, and they are different indeed.
    I’m very thankful for her efforts.

  10. Muhammad Fidyan

    It was an amazing experience learning from Affreej with a teacher who helped me iron out my weaknesses and double down on my strengths enabling me to reach my true potential. I am very grateful for the amount of time and hard work they put into teaching the entire syllabus.

  11. Muhaba

    A very friendly and helpful teacher. I was new to the whole system and studying as a private student. She took care of all aspects of course and provided guidance whenever I needed it. Her way of explaining the concepts is very detailed and suitable for all students. Good luck teacher

  12. Zayd

    A very friendly and helpful teacher who gets the job done! Thank you

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