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If you’re looking for some help in preparing for your ICT exams, you’ve come to the right place!  We cover the ICT curriculum in 3 months including both theory and practical.

Days & Timings: Flexible Timings, one hour long sessions – thrice a week
Duration: Four Months
Suitable for students of grade 8, 9 & 10
Trainer: Farah Ubaid


  1. Sara Ansari

    My boys absolutely adore you and your lessons, Farah. 🌸

    Looking forward to participating further and drawing maximum benefit from the learning and support that you offer.

    Jazak Allahu Khair

  2. Fahad Qureshi

    I was struggling a lot in my ICT practicals and these classes helped me a lot to boost up my knowledge. I f I will take ICT subject in future I’ll definitely take these classes again.

  3. Ibtehal Khan

    Thank you for teaching and helping me and improving my grades by your continuous efforts and support. I was able to cover many past papers with your help and I really appreciate that. Thank you for giving importance to each and every one of us. I wish you good luck for your future plans!

  4. M/o Shayan Ali.

    I am great full that you taught my son well. Gave your extra time and effort to teach my son.he has learned a lot from you and he started to understand computer better.

  5. Huda Wajid

    Thank you Affreej for your support. Without you I could’ve never be able to good in my IGCSE exams. Before I wasn’t that interested in ICT but after learning from Affreej now ICT is one of my favorite subject. You made huge contribution for my grades, it was a very good experience Affreej.

  6. π”œπ”¬π”²π”°π”²π”£ π”Žπ”žπ”¦π”°π”’π”―

    This year would’ve been very tedious and difficult had I not recieved a tremendous amount of help for my ICT practicals through Affreej. I am very thankful to all the very capable and dedicated teachers who offered their help during classes aswell as irl. Couldn’t have done this well without Affreej πŸ‘πŸ‘

  7. Hassaan Muhammad Usmani

    I had a lot of difficulty in attempting the practical papers this year but Alhamdulillah I have improved a lot in the final year exams with the help of these classes, JazakAllahKhair

  8. Dr Nazia tariq

    We really appreciate your efforts for our kids to prepare them for exam . Your method of teaching and dedication for students is admirable. Stay blessed always Aamin

  9. Hunain

    These classes were extremely help full and I have learned a lot during this session.
    I have cleared a lot of doubts and I have gained more confidence while solving past papers.

  10. Ammar Khan

    Thanks a lot for guiding us in these hard times in a proper way, helping us clearing our doubts, and guiding us in how to solve past papers

  11. Abdullah Tariq Javed

    These classes help me a lot to make up my deficiencies .Thanks a lot Madam Farah


    It’s been a great learning experience for my son Z in preparing for ICT for his IGCSE exam through your online classes. He felt supported with the approachability and prompt explanations to his queries by Ms. Farah. Hope that he scores great in the actual exam.

  13. Ahmed

    these classes helped me alot and alhamdulillah my IGCSE went really good thanks to this course


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