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  1. Marwa

    I like this class because I get to read a lot of stuff and reading

  2. Hamnah

    What I like about this class is reading and dpi g search a word puzzles because they are fun to do. And what I learned in this class is not to read fastly and you have to read fluently.

  3. Sarah sameer

    What I learned in this class was about reading, not to read fast and not to read slowly…I like how miss Alina speaks English and how she speaks it fluently (I say it like that as well) I learned that you have to do many things before reading and not to laugh while reading! I like the activities she sends us and how we can annotate on the screen. I even like how she gives us puzzles like crosswords.

  4. Maria

    What I learnt in this class is to read a story,not too fast and not too slow.I also like the stories and the find a word activities in this class.

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