Farah Ubaid

Farah Ubaid

CEO, IT Trainer

I am always debating with my inner self as to how I should introduce myself! As a professional, a Software Engineer, or as a Graphic Designer, which is my passion. I can also call myself a proud and, well, to be honest, tired mom of a foursome team who keep me on my toes but are a source of so much delight and pride to me. I love to spend time with my kids doing creative activities. I believe that kids need polishing and interacting with them in innovative ways brings out the best of their personalities. This love of grooming young individuals provoked me to start a club specializing in kids. We go by the name of ELITE CLUB JEDDAH and specializes in arranging educational and creative events for kids in tandem with entertainment. Our club is 4 years old now and it tries to fulfill the lack of good skills, enhancing opportunities in different communities of Jeddah. It is our aim to provide a platform for the kids to help them to hone their talents and use them to refine their personalities. I strongly believe in women’s empowerment too. It is imperative for the women in our society to showcase and polish their talents and capabilities. This is the reason that I humbly try my best to generalize the notion of women’s empowerment in our community as well.

The offered courses


Cambridge International AS and A Level Computer Science (9608)