Funtastic Five – A fantastic communication workshop

Our team at Affreej E-learning Solutions strives to keep its students up to date on their 21st Century Skills. Accordingly, the Communication Skills Department planned the perfect event these Hajj holidays to acquaint our young learners with core communication skills. The two-hour-long workshop combined five of our crucial communication courses – Read Aloud, Story Telling, Social Interactions, Public Speaking and Writing a Speech- and offered students a platform to learn and interact.

Since learning is at its best in an engaging environment, the coordinators planned to run the event like a play. It was important to give the skills taught in the workshop a meaningful context for students to understand what they were learning. Consequently, our instructors used real-world scenarios to coach each skill-set.

The event kicked off with an icebreaker activity to warm the kids up to participation. After that, the play commenced. From storytime with Grandpa to preparing and presenting a speech in a school assembly, students were able to learn something new with each scene and subsequently try their hand at it themselves.

The workshop focused on getting the students to interact, bring forth new ideas, and practice what they learnt. Although the event only provided students with a glimpse into the courses, it stimulated their eagerness to respond, participate and be acknowledged.

Funtastic Five marked the first in many of our upcoming communication workshops. A great success, it left students wanting for more!

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