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Introducing our New Back to School Courses

With the mission to provide a quality education that is flexible, attainable and inclusive, our team of professional educators has left a lasting positive impact on our online learners. Affreej now has over 100+ learners from all over the world, helping them master new skills and putting their mental mettle to the test with our various semi-annual competitions. We are proud to say that our efforts have been a success, which is evident from satisfied parent testimonies that can be read here.

Affreej is quickly diversifying. Since we aim to cater to the needs of students throughout their learning process, we are pleased to announce our new “Back to School” courses. These courses include Information Technology, Mathematics, and English for students of Grade 4 to 8. To prepare students for the vigour of the CIE/IGCSE exams, these classes are specifically designed according to the British Curriculum. Our programs of study will not only give your child an edge in their academic activities but will also acquaint them with the British-Patterned mode of study.

Like in the rest of our courses, our instructors will be adopting a hands-on approach to learning; students will be able to experience a classroom environment all through the convenience of computer screens. Aimed at both students enrolled in a school or being home-schooled, our programs will help these pupils become effective learners.

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