Our second Funtastic Five Event – A learning experience filled with celebration and fun

Our second Funtastic Five Event – A learning experience filled with celebration and fun

Our Communications department has done it again!

The second installment of everyone’s favourite event, Funtastic Five, was held this October, offering students the perfect platform to learn and be heard. The 2-hour long workshop covered the basics of 5 of our most important communications courses: Read Aloud; Story Telling; Social Interactions; Writing a Speech; Public Speaking. Like all our Funtastic Five events, this one also had a narrative to draw our young participants’ attention and bring the skills taught into a relevant perspective.

The theme was the recent Saudi National Day, which brought a spirit of celebration to all those assembled. Accordingly, students were taken on a virtual trip through Saudi history, reliving its initial days in engaging narrations, reading about its kings and ending the segment with a discussion of all they had learned. Based on their discussion, students were given prompts to write a speech. By the end of the session, not only had our students drafted and written a speech voicing their opinions, they were able to eloquently present them as well.

Activities similar to these are a necessity for a growing child’s development and his path to becoming a confident, empathetic and vocal individual. Communication skills are an integral pillar for success and Affreej has risen to the challenge once again in making sure all students have access to to this training.

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Funtastic Five is a recurring event.

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