Youth Leaders

Toastmasters’ Youth Leaders

The Toastmasters’ Youth Leadership Program, is an outreach program, delivered by Effat University Toastmasters’ Club. It is a  platform for you to voice your opinions, practice your public speaking skills and inculcate within yourself the desire to lead, work in teams and communicate effectively.

We recently celebrated the successful completion of Season 5 of our Youth Leadership Program. We congratulate our all wonderful speakers on conquering the giant feat of public speaking and joining us on this very special day. Our conquerors have achieved their milestone of becoming the leaders of the next generation and the voice of the youth!

Our 6th season of YLP has kicked off. It consists of 10 sessions. The members of YLP ultimately get the privilege of getting registered on the official website of the Toastmaster’s Gavel Club! If you haven’t been a part of it before don’t let go of the opportunity and mark your calendars to sign up!

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