Sameea Rahat

Sameea Rahat

Calligrapher and Artpreneur

Sameea is an artpreneur, founder of @islamicart_bysameearahat, learned from the Holy book that “Allah loves beauty as He Himself is beautiful.” Therefore, she resorted to arts & calligraphy to express the relationship of human with Almighty through paint brush, acrylic colors & the art sheet. She loves to in script in diverse fonts & styles using both traditional & unorthodox color combinations. In particular, she looks to the artistry of this art as one of the main mediums of the religious expression of the message of Almighty. This inspiration stems from her interest in the rich heritage of Islamic arts, which has the power to symbolize the beauty & power of Islam, is also a reflection of the cultural values of the Muslim World. She calligraphs the qur’anic narrations that provide response to routine hardships humans’ face daily prayers for their letups & smidgeons thus the audience can find Quranic narrations outside the book.

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