Scratchathon is here!

Join us for fun in learning with scratch and building your own projects according to our ‘Secret Theme’!

Be Sure To be There!!!

Overview: Participants will use Scratch to develop an E-rated, school appropriate game or animation that focuses on the subject of their choice while incorporating the secret theme given at the time of competition. The project should run smoothly, and show thought and planning of coding. Submitted games should also be intellectually challenging.

Theme: Will be Revealed on the day of competition.

Teams: Minimum of two participants or maximum of three participants per team.

Evaluation Criteria: Evaluation is based on the project’s aesthetics, flow, story, content, sound, characters and the complexity of coding. The project should also be entertaining and bring the user into the project. Up to 5 bonus points may be added by the judges for exceptional features, or for content showing exemplary educational or social value. For games: A maximum of 3 levels will be evaluated. Teams may expect judges to spend a maximum of 2 minutes playing the game. Projects will be scored using a rubric.

Registration Fee: 25 US Dollars per child.

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