Technoshow Season 5

 The 5th season of Techno Show was conducted on Saturday, June 10th, 2023, being part of a series of live-streamed events involving young, creative minds constructing programs to show to the world, & to showcase what they’re truly capable of.

Although there was a slight delay initially, this didn’t stop the event from becoming a success. This season was hosted by Subiksha Sivachandran & Abdurahman Syed Ifteqar Ali with the opening segment conducted by Subiksha, followed up by calling up the mentors such as AFFREEJ’s CEO Ms. Farah Ubaid (who officially started the event) and later the Head of English Dept. Ms Sara T. Ansari.

After the 1st segment, participants 1-6 were called upon by the 1st host Subiksha to present their long-awaited projects. The participants were called upon as follows: Mohammad Hamza (Rock, Paper, Scissors), Zainab Ashraf (Scrolling Shooter), Huzaifa Khalid (Calculator), Ammar Wasim (Calculator), Anas Khan (Hangman), and Nawal Kamran (Profile).

Participants 7-11 including the final segment were handled by the 2nd host Abdurahman. The participants were called upon as follows: Samiullah Tahir (Flappy Bird), Abdul Hadi (Dice Roller), Sayeda Zainab (Snake Game), Mohammed Ibrahim Sajjad (Snake Game) and lastly, Waleed Mohammad Tariq (Library Management). Most of the participants presented their work in a highly professional manner. This was made possible due to the efforts of Abubakr Ali, who helped in making them confident and well-prepared to present their projects.

Throughout the event, Ms Farah Ubaid gave her opinions and feedback to every participant as well as for the entirety of the Techno show. Ms Sarah T. Ansari also gave her views & words of encouragement to all the participants. Lastly, the participants shared their opinions of the event and Ms. Farah Ubaid concluded this season of the TechnoShow.

All in all, the 5th season of AFFREEJ’s Techno Show was great and went relatively smoothly despite some delays. It gained a few hundred views on Facebook, with each role-player giving it their best. We hope to see more coming from the TechnoShow and more platforms like it to showcase these young minds’ talent and potential.

To enjoy watching the video of the entire event click here