Subhan Umer Farooq

Subhan Umer Farooq

Content Creator

With my experience and knowledge in the way content creation works, I’ll be able to teach you hands on how to understand the course at the same time as enhancing and perfecting your individual talents to become professional at your desired pace. I worked to motivate others and help those who fall behind to achieve their goals to create appealing and awe-inspiring content for the viewers. The content waiting to be created can be anything you will it to be, but it simply must be catchy enough to entertain and grab the attention of any viewer and that’s where I come in with the tricks and lessons to get you to become top notch at what you love to do. I am a content creator by 5 years of experience with a knack at computer tech such as 2 years experience of drop shipping, 5 years as a professional editor on Sony Vegas, and 3 years in Advertisements and creative design. I hope to use all the knowledge I have to enhance the world’s technology and artificial intelligence to it’s finest and become a robotic engineer. It would be an honor to bring much needed inoaction to the community and worldwide.

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