Talking Titans – Face It, Ace It!

Have you ever wondered….
… what makes a public speaker?
… who provides them a platform?
… how speakers get people to – actually – listen to them?
… if there is a way of learning great speaking skills?
… how it feels, to be under a global spotlight?

If you have…. then, allow us to unravel something, just for you.

Join us for a first- of-its-kind public speaking event: the international
Talking Titans Face it, Ace it !


  • help us make it a spectacle, like never before;
  • be heard;
  • count yourself in, and let your message count;
  • become a part of a global event;
  • step out of your comfort zone;
  • get noticed;

Hurry up, and get yourself and your kids off to a dream start!

Registration Fee: $25

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