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Technoshow: Season 2

The largest platform for young coders to exhibit their work.

Recognition of their work is an essential component of children’s education. Access to an approving audience not only encourages students to approach each challenge with a clear mind but also gives them an incentive to put forth their best ideas. With that in mind, the second installment to the Technoshow event is finally here, offering once again the perfect platform for budding coders to present their creations.

Technoshow – Season 2 hosted a set of brilliant, young coders from all over the world, with participants aged between 7 and 14. Twenty-Four young entrants presented their work in the final event, held on the 4th of December, and demonstrated both their aptitude for coding and their flair for showmanship; these projects were phenomenal not only for their wide range of implementations, from luggage label generators to colour detecting robots, but also for the assortment of coding languages used and their depth of research.

Our eager participants had begun work on their ideas well over a month before the big day and were aided along the way, both with their coding and presentation skills, by our trainers. After completing their projects, each student was assigned language coaches to warm them up to presenting in-front of our mentors and answering their questions during the question and answer sessions. Alongside, our participants were free to reach out to our coding teachers for whatever help they would require to improve their work.

Consequently, the two-hour-long function was a remarkable success, smoothly transitioning from one exhibit to the next and offering fascinating insights into the journey each student took to get there. Our participants not only surpassed our mentors’ expectations but managed to reach new heights of coding proficiency.

This Technoshow could not have been possible without our honored mentors: Maha Ejaz, a Masters in Computer Science, a businesswoman and a motivational speaker; Warda Faheem, a Masters in Business administration, with a background in academic administration and currently pursuing her teaching career by doing CELTA in Turkey; Dr. Uzma Raheem, a Ph.D. in Clinical Psychopathology, a founder and director of Hope and co-founder at leap and a Chief Trainer at London Teacher Trainer College.

Lastly, a big shout-out to our sponsors for paving the way for this exceptional event: T3 Trainings and Consultancy; SY Management Consultancy; Talash; WEDrepeat.


  1. Naureen Khan

    MashaAllah techno show is a great opportunity for our kids to show their creativity and inguenity.

  2. Sabah kamran

    Great work 👏, you guys always come up with great work,
    Keep it up

  3. Samreen

    Tecbno show helps build confidence of children. The efforts are much appreciated!! Keep up the good work!!

  4. Rabia

    Once again techno show is superb its a great opportunity for kids to build their confidence, hats off to the team of AFFREEJ ❤️

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