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Technoshow Season 4

On Saturday, 26th November 2022, at 4 pm KSA and 8 am EST, Affreej streamed the fourth season of TechnoShow live on Facebook. The Technoshow is an exciting opportunity for our young programmers to showcase their bodacious projects live and include their ideas behind making them, resulting in greater presentation skills and giving them the coverage they need. Our Co-hosts, Subiksha Sivachandran and Abdurahman Sayyed hosted this season, with the opening ceremony led by Affreej CEO and founder Ms Farah Ubaid. 

This season was made possible by our cohort of mentors: Ms. Zainab Hameed, a senior IT professional with experience in technology who led Transformation and Governance projects at multi-national companies; Ms. Nabeela Jaffer, a senior business analyst at University of Michigan US; Ijaz Lashari, an English Language and Literature professor and last but not the least Dr Musadaq Mansoor, an Assistant Professor and Program Coordinator at NUCES-FAST, Pakistan.

A special thanks to Mr. Abu Bakr for training our brilliant programmers in presentations and showmanship.

TechnoShow, like in previous years, consisted of two groups: Juniors (ages 8 to 11) and Seniors (ages 12 to 18). ). The projects were built on the platform such as Scratch, Python, HTML, CSS, MIT App Inventor etc.

TechnoShow began with Junior programmers showing off their creative projects. These young geniuses were: Abdul Hadi (Alarm clock with flashlight), Furqan Kashif (music), Sahl Kashif (Wall maze), Mohammad Asadullah (Football game), Abdullah Azhar (TTT), Reemas Iqbal (Cats fight), Zahraan Hussain (Archery game), Asawirah Khan (Jumping game), Ali Amir (The lonely Trex), Abdul Rafay (Good Manners), Aadil AbdulKader (Survival Football), Aahil AbdulKader (Fruit Catcher), Ammar Ubaid (Rocket Blaster), Aqsa Khan (Math Quiz), Ather Nael Khan (Archery game), and Qasim Furqan (Pong game).

With the junior segment ending with a bang, it was the seniors’ turn to dazzle the mentors. The participating members were: Sabiha Azhar (My Portfolio), Pirzada Omer Ahmed (Proper Project), Pirzada Ali Ahmed (Card Game), Najmullah Khan (Timer App), Ather Kihzer Khan (Random Password Generator), Nawaal Kamran (Food Blog Website), Mohammed Sami (Hangman), Ahmad Sardar (Dooms), Mahmoud Sardar (Google Dinosaur), Leann Adil (Create a Cat), Lana Adil (Marvel Fighting), Waleed Muhammad (Tic Tac Toe), Muhammad Bilal (Holy Quran), Affan Ubaid (Flappy Bird), Syed Adeel Hussain (BrickBreakGame), and Muhammad Abdul (Talking Tom).

Throughout the event, our mentors gave out opinions and suggestions to all our participants. Finally, the show ended with a few words from Affreej’s CEO, Ms Farah Ubaid and the Head of Comm. Skills Dept. Ms Sara Ansari. Lastly, a group photo was taken.

In conclusion, the fourth season of TechnoShow was an immense success gaining hundreds of views on Facebook. Due to its massive success, you can look forward to the fifth season of TechnoShow next year.

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