Our Trainers

We have the best trainers

E-learning solutions is equipped with some most competent set of educators/ instructors/ mentors who believe in creating effective identities . They are diligent and assiduous in training the best of their skills to our attendees.

Farah Ubaid

CEO, IT Trainer

A dedicated educator, An ardent believer in women's empowerment and a proud mom

Sara Tabassum Ansari

Communications Department Head

An accomplished Teacher Trainer, Toastmaster & Writing Coach

Sayada Ansari

Language Coach

An Experienced Teachers Trainer and Distinguished Toastmaster

Sameea Rahat

Art Trainer

A Calligrapher and an Artpreneur

Fatima Syed

Language Coach

An enthusiastic Toastmaster with a penchant for languages

Subhan Umer Farooq

Content Creator

A Content Creator with experience in marketing, design and technology

Alina Subhan

Communication Trainer

A well-traveled and experienced character development and communications tutor

Saqlain Asad

IT Trainer

A Software Engineer with a mission to teach

Memoona Khalid

IT Trainer

Gulmina Abid

IT Trainer

A Passionate Teacher

Jalees Asad

IT Trainer

Madiha Adamjee

English Trainer

Musadaq Mansoor

Data Science/Machine Learning Expert

Noor ul ain Mufti

English Trainer

Namrah Erum

IT Trainer