Our Trainers

We have the best trainers

E-learning solutions is equipped with some most competent set of educators/ instructors/ mentors who believe in creating effective identities . They are diligent and assiduous in training the best of their skills to our attendees.

Farah Ubaid

CEO, IT Trainer

A dedicated educator, An ardent believer in women's empowerment and a proud mom

Sara Tabassum Ansari

Communications Department Head

An accomplished Teacher Trainer, Toastmaster & Writing Coach

Sayada Ansari

Language Coach

An Experienced Teachers Trainer and Distinguished Toastmaster

Fatima Rashid

IT Trainer

A Software Engineer

Fatima Syed

Language Coach

An enthusiastic Toastmaster with a penchant for languages

Sidrah Yaqoob

Computer Science Trainer

A Data Scientist

Alina Subhan

Communication Trainer

A well-traveled and experienced character development and communications tutor

Saqlain Asad

IT Trainer

A Software Engineer with a mission to teach

Memoona Khalid

IT Trainer

Gulmina Abid

IT Trainer

A Passionate Teacher

Jalees Asad

IT Trainer

Madiha Adamjee

English Trainer

Dr. Musadaq Mansoor

Head of IT Department

Noor ul ain Mufti

English Trainer

Namrah Erum

IT Trainer

Ali Azam

IT Trainer