PCAP Training


PCAP Training PCAP™ certification is a valuable credential for individuals looking to acquire the skills and knowledge essential to continue to more advanced, more specialized, and higher payingSoftware Development,Security,Networking,IoT, andengineeringroles. It will particularly appeal to: Details Resource: Edube Interactive, PyCharmMode: Online through zoomLevel: AdvanceCost: 600 USD for 8 months trainingStudy Time: 64 hours (Recommended: 2h/week + Homework)Days & Timings: Twice a week, one hour…

Python Programming


Mastering Python: From Fundamentals to Advanced Concepts! Welcome to the comprehensive Python programming course designed to take you from a complete beginner to a proficient Python developer. Whether you’re aiming to start a career in software development, enhance your data analysis skills, or automate mundane tasks, this course will equip you with the necessary tools and knowledge. Total Number of…

PCEP – Training


PCEP –Certified Entry-Level Python ProgrammerCertification Exam The certification is a professional credential that measures your ability to accomplish coding tasks related to the essentials of programming in the Python language. A test candidate should demonstrate sufficient knowledge of the universal concepts of computer programming, the syntax and semantics of the Python language as well as the skills in resolving typical…

Python for Teens

Affreej, E-Learning Solutions

Python for Teens Python is an interpreted, high-level, general-purpose programming language. Apps like Twitter and Dropbox are build on it! Total Number of Sessions: 32Days & Timings: Twice a week, one hour each dayDuration: Four MonthsAge Group: 9 onwardsTrainer: Saqlain Asad, Memoona Khalid, Jalees Asad, Safna M Usman